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The Child Learning Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder is an integral part of the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and the Speech, Language, and Hearing Center.Our mission is to:

  • Provide a nurturing, high-quality, developmentally appropriate educational program for young children which includes children with communication, cognitive, social, and/or motor needs and their same-age peers in a classroom together.
  • Foster an environment where families are supported and valued as the primary decision makers for their child’s education.
  • Create an early childhood practicum experience for graduate and undergraduate students in speech-language pathology, early childhood special education, and other professionals in training, as we believe that excellence in education preparation is only accomplished through exposure to exemplary practices.
  • Serve as a valuable resource for research, observation, and community outreach.

The Child Learning Center provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for typically developing children and children with special needs.  Graduate students, a classroom teacher, and an occupational therapist plan curriculum using the Storybook Journey: Pathways to Literacy through Story and Play, (McCord, 1995) and support language and learning through Interactive Learning Strategies (INREAL, Weiss, 1981).  A family resource coordinator, a parent who has had a child in the CLC, helps families access information and plan family get-togethers and play dates.

CLC Annual Report 2014

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