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Housed in the Department of Speech, Language and hearing Sciences, the Center for Language and Learning (CLL) is a research and development center that conducts  research into the nature of oral and written learning differences in first and second languages and their effect on first and second language acquisition.  It focuses upon the development of model programs for students with unique learning styles.  The CLL runs the nationally known Modified Foreign Language Program (MFLP), a curricular modification to foreign language teaching for college students with unique learning styles.  The CLL faculty represent a number of disciplines, including speech and language pathology and foreign languages.

Mission Statement  The mission of the Center for Language and Learning is to advise and assist undergraduate student at the University of Colorado in meeting the foreign language requirement for the baccalaureate degree.  The Center develops and implements model programs for students with unique styles for language learning that are disseminated nationally and internationally.  The Center conducts research to advance our understanding of language and learning styles and second language acquisition.  It fosters interdisciplinary collaborative research and offers basic research and training opportunities for instructional faculty and students.


Step 1 –  Intake Interview:  Email Jean Bouchard ( to schedule an intake interview.  At that meeting, Jean will explain the program, learn about your foreign language learning history, and, if warranted, recommend the foreign language aptitude screening (FLAS) to determine eligibility for the program.

Step 2 – Foreign Language Aptitude Screening (FLAS):  A series of tests designed to better understand a student’s learning style and ensure that the modified teaching methodologies are an appropriate fit for each student.  Tests are administered by trained and certified speech language hearing professionals in the MFLP office.

Workshop for K-12 Colorado Educators in Modified Foreign Language Instruction

This one-day workshop, generously supported by the CU-Boulder Outreach Committee, is directed to foreign language teachers at the secondary level of education and focuses on increasing the understanding of the underlying cognitive differences associated with foreign language learning difficulties, methods for identifying potential students with unique learning styles, and specific teaching methodologies that have supported these unique learning styles at the University of Colorado, Boulder, for the past twenty years.

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