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Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
2501 Kittredge Loop Road
409 UCB
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0409
Fax: 303-492-3274

Department Chair: Dr. Gail Ramsberger 303-492-3043
Coordinator of Graduate Studies: Dr. Brenda Schick 303-492-7339
Director of Clinical Education and Services: Shelley Sheppeck 303-492-9949
Coordinator of Audiology Clinical Education: Dr. Tammy Fredrickson 720-848-9265
Coordinator of Speech Language Services: Dr. Anne Whitney 303-492-3068
Chair of Audiology Committee: Dr. Kathryn Arehart 303-492-3036
Chair of MA-SLP Committee: Dr. Anne Whitney 303-492-3068
Undergraduate Program Advisor: Dr. Allison Sedey 303-492-0078
Graduate Program Assistant:  Raul San Agustin  303-492-3404
Assistant to the Chair: Brenda Dowell 303-492-1194
Clinical Services – Appointments 303-492-5375
Clinical Services: Natalie Vogan 303-492-3066
NSSLHA Advisor: Judy Brooke 303-735-5049
American Sign Language Classes Coordinator: Brenda Schick 303-492-7339
SLHS Undergraduate Honors: Kathryn Arehart 303-492-3036
Speech-Language Pathology Pre-requisites Online (SLPP) Program (Email inquiries only at
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program Susan M. Moore, Director 303-492-5284






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