Rose Community Foundation:Rose Community Foundation works to enhance the quality of life of the greater Denver community through its leadership, resources, transitions and values. Rose Community Foundation’s support for the Child Learning Center (CLC) programs in the Speech, Language and Hearing Center is focused on child and family development, early education, and health. The Foundation has provided a three year grant for partial funding of the CLC Outreach Program directed by Susan M. Moore, Director of Clinical Education and Services and coordinated by Dr. Barbara Roscoe. This project will enable the CLC team to outreach to community preschool programs, provide workshops to early care and education providers as well as special programs for parents with a focus on improving quality of language and literacy learning.    

RiteCare – Scottish Rite Masons:The Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado was created in 1953 by Scottish Rite Masons in Denver. Its work is known as the RiteCare Childhood Language Program. It helps enable Colorado families obtain the highest quality of speech-language therapy services for their children with language disorders. The award-winning Foundation has grown exponentially over the years and we are now helping an average of 1,000 children annually. The RiteCare Program begun in Colorado more than a half century ago is now adopted in one form or another throughout the Scottish Rite in the United States.
Our Colorado RiteCare Program Director is Dr. Deborah Hayes. She currently occupies the Kelley Family/Schlessman Family Scottish Rite Masons Chair in Childhood Language Disorders at The Children’s Hospital. Dr. Hayes also chairs the Department of Audiology, Speech Pathology and Learning Services and is an internationally renowned audiologist. She has worked with us since 1983.In fall, 2007, the Rite Care Partnership with the Scottish Rite Foundation began its generous and ongoing support to children with speech, hearing, language and learning challenges served through the Speech, Language, and Hearing Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder. The generous financial support to the families of eligible children served at the Center has allowed many children to receive services that otherwise might not have been able to access them. To date, the Scottish Rite Foundation has supported services to 68 children in the Center who are participating in individualized and inclusive intervention, including specialized programs such as Story of Friendship, Space Camp, Reading Detectives, and the See and Say Group.We appreciate this generous and timely support of the children and families served in Boulder County at the Speech, Language, and Hearing Center as well as the opportunity for our graduate students to engage in a broader range of clinical education as they prepare to be future professionals in the field.We were also able to access a special matching grant ($5,000) through our RiteCare Partnership affiliation that allowed us to offer Space Camp and Space Explorations to young children identified with ASD and their friends this summer. In addition, we seek to assist children at-risk for language disorders through a preschool reading and literacy program operated by two non-profit organizations at six Colorado locations. The Foundation also supports graduate work in speech-language pathology through the giving of annual scholarships.  Since 2005, the Scottish Rite Foundation has awarded seven University of Colorado students with the Dwight A. Hamilton Scottish Rite Foundation Graduate Scholarship in Speech-Language Pathology.  RiteCare Summer ’13 Newsletter

Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation: The generous and ongoing support from the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation is greatly appreciated by all of the children and families receiving education and supports through our Child Learning Center programs. The Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation has a long-standing interest and mission to support the positive development of all children in Colorado.Mr. Buell was a civic and business leader in Colorado throughout his life. The Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation was established in 1962 in order to support his charitable interests, which included the education of architects, research into catastrophic illnesses, and programs throughout Colorado to prepare young people to live healthy lives and contribute responsibly to the community. In 1995, the trustees of the Foundation changed its emphasis to programs and initiatives for children, especially in the areas of early intervention, prevention, and improving the social and educational systems critical to the well-being of Colorado’s youngest citizens.The Temple Buell Foundation has again provided a significant grant award to the CLC which will help us refurbish the classroom, purchase much needed materials and will support the Pathways to Assessment of Learning Program and the CLC Outreach Initiative to community preschools, early care and education providers and parents.

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