Research Labs, Partners and Affiliates

SLHS Research Labs

Dr. Kathy Arehart -  Hearing Research Laboratory
Dr. Phillip Gilley - Neurodynamics Laboratory
Dr. Gail Ramsberger – Aphasia Research Lab
Dr. Lori Ramig
Dr. Peter Ramig
Dr. Barbara Roscoe - Child Learning Center
Dr. Brenda Schick - Language and Sign Language Development Laboratory
Dr. Anu Sharma – Brain and Behavior Laboratory 
Dr. Neeraja Sadagopan - Speech Research Lab
Dr. Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

Partners and Affiliates

The department of Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences is fortunate to have a wide range of partners and affiliates throughout the Boulder regions, metro-Denver, and the state of Colorado.

Center for Language and Learning (CLL):  A research and development center that conducts research into the nature of oral and written learning disabilities in first and second languages.

Computational Language and EducAtion Research (CLEAR):  A research center focused on research and education in areas of human communication technology.

Marion Downs Hearing Center provides resources, education and research to support the needs of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, their families, the community and hearing health professionals.

Marion Downs National Center

National Center for Voice and Speech

University of Colorado Hospital Audiology Clinic

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