Research Labs, Partners and Affiliates

SLHS Research Labs

Dr. Kathy Arehart –  Hearing Research Laboratory
Dr. Phillip Gilley – Neurodynamics Laboratory
Dr. Gail Ramsberger – Aphasia Research Lab
Dr. Lori Ramig
Dr. Peter Ramig
Dr. Barbara Roscoe – Child Learning Center
Dr. Brenda Schick – Language and Sign Language Development Laboratory
Dr. Anu Sharma – Brain and Behavior Laboratory 
Dr. Neeraja Sadagopan – Speech Research Lab
Dr. Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

Partners and Affiliates

The department of Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences is fortunate to have a wide range of partners and affiliates throughout the Boulder regions, metro-Denver, and the state of Colorado.

Center for Language and Learning (CLL):  A research and development center that conducts research into the nature of oral and written learning disabilities in first and second languages.

Computational Language and EducAtion Research (CLEAR):  A research center focused on research and education in areas of human communication technology.

Marion Downs National Center

National Center for Voice and Speech

University of Colorado Hospital Audiology Clinic

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