Undergraduate Curriculum

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To receive a BA degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, students complete the general requirements for the Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum.  In addition, students must complete 35 hours of coursework plus 4 credits of prerequisite coursework required by SLHS.  You can download a worksheet for SLHS undergraduate majors that will help with planning.  A Four Year Plan is available for students entering the major in their freshman or sophomore years.  A Two Year Plan is available for students entering the major as a junior.  It is recommended that you work out a plan with the SLHS undergraduate academic advisor, Dr. Allison Sedey. The SLHS department also offers 25 credit hours of elective courses.  Three of these courses meet the requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences Core Curriculum (SLHS 1010, 2325, and 4000).

Courses Required for SLHS Major

Admissions to the Undergraduate Program

For information about admission to an undergraduate program please refer to the University of Colorado’s Prospective Student web site.  All undergraduate admissions are handled by the university.

For information about financial aid for undergraduates refer to the university’s Financial Aid web site.

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